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                                                                  Mission Statement

 The Acculturation Club holds truth to a visionary mission statement encompassing current expectations and future goals.We yearn as a group to understand purpose and become enlightened by exposure to the American life and culture. It is our journey to embrace our diversities and become better communicators in English while enjoying our home language perspective. Together, we will work to attain a future of hope, and supporting each other through our networking opportunities. We will remain true to our purpose and foster a realm of excellent citizenry in our United States of America. 



                                                                                             ACCULTURATION CLUB

                                                                                DAY & TIME: WEDNESDAYS @ 3:10 PM

                                                                       Perth Amboy High School South Campus Room #8

                                                          Come join us and get inspired. Become the best you can be.

                                                                                       Ms. Hathaway Mr. Rodriguez