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Governor's Educator of the Year

Congratulations to our Governor's Educators of the Year, Ms. Pretico and Mr. Rosa!


Teacher of the Year, Mr. Rosa


I feel humbled and honored to have been chosen for the J.J. Flynn School Governor’s Educator of the year.  Working as an Art teacher for the last twenty-one years it has been a privilege to teach so many students and work with so many excellent teachers.  I would also like to thank all the teachers, administrators, and students that have inspired me on my professional journey.  I appreciate the sincere recommendation from the J.J. Flynn School community and will continue to work diligently to uphold this honor.  Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude towards my students for providing me with a source of motivation and a desire for teaching.

Rolando Rosa


Educational Services Professional of the Year, Ms. Pretico


I am very honored to have been chosen as Flynn’s Educational Service Professional of the year. Throughout this challenging year for our country, I have had the opportunity to witness how our staff, students, and parents can adapt to new situations and persevere. I am privileged to work with amazing people who go above and beyond to ensure the needs of our students are being met, both in the classroom and out. I would like to share this award with all the support staff at Flynn School. I witness firsthand how hard all of you work for our students and staff. It is great to be part of such an amazing team at Flynn School.


Ms. Pretico