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Black History Month

To commemorate and gain insights on Black History Month, students undertook various assignments. Learn about the projects undertaken by each grade level and peruse the link to view photographs of their efforts.  

Photo Gallery

4th Grade 

Students engage in projects and reports concerning renowned black individuals across past and present eras.

5th Grade 

In the annex, the PTO exhibited renowned quotes from African American figures, while fifth-graders articulated their aspirations in the vein of Martin Luther King Jr.

7th Grade and 8th Grade 

To commemorate Black History Month, the students created Freedom Quilts. As part of the project, they examined inspiring quotes from prominent Black figures and shared their own aspirations, following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ms. Auriemma's 4th Grade Art Classes 

To celebrate Black History Month, each 4th grade class created their very own Mali Mud Cloth!

Mud Cloths are a tradition in the North African country of Mali that is over 900 years old. Mud Cloths use symbols that hold special meanings and wishes of the artist or community making them. 4th graders used various symbols representing values like community, family, bravery, good fortune, loyalty, and more- some students even made up their own symbols! Each classroom has their own Mud Cloth. Each square you see was carefully made and designed by a student to represent the qualities most important to them. 4th grade's Mud Cloths are a celebration of Mali's rich culture while representing all the wonderful attributes each 4th grade student has, the things they value, and the things they hope to be as they grow!