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On November 19, students in the Freshman Academy across both campuses were provided their first opportunity to take the PSAT. Thanks to significant investment made by the district, students in Grades 9 through 11 take the PSAT three times before the SAT is offered to the students as seniors. In this second year of the freshman class participating in this opportunity, much effort was put into preparing the students by our staff. Each week since the beginning of the school, a new set of words would be announced on a daily basis as a part of “PSAT WORD OF THE DAY”. Teachers taught PSAT Lessons prepared with support from Curriculum and Instruction. The Guidance Department created a lesson that homeroom teachers shared with students that explained the importance of the PSAT/SAT. Emphasis was placed on 3 important benefits:

  1. The PSAT/SAT can provide students with scholarships;
  2. can provide students with increased options for college acceptances;
  3. and can potentially count for their graduation testing requirement.

Fliers, posters, and balloons were created and purchased to inspire and motivate students. After the PSAT, a student survey was sent out to identify how to make next year even better! Lastly, once the results come back, the students will meet in small groups with the Guidance Department to discuss how to use their score report to increase their scores in future times taking the test. 

 Getting Students Excited to Test!