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Respect Week

Blue Monday

MONDAY October 5: BLUE SHIRT DAY! STOMP Out Bullying - Let’s wear a blue shirt!

Colorful Tuesday

TUESDAY October 6: THROW KINDNESS LIKE CONFETTI!  Let’s celebrate kindness by accepting all our differences.  Let’s wear as many colors as possible and feel proud!

Backwards Wednesday

WEDNESDAY October 7: WE HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK! Let's demonstrate that we can support each other by being an UPSTANDER. Let’s wear our SHIRTS backwards!

Sneaker Thursday

THURSDAY October 8: BEING A GOOD FRIEND IS NO SWEAT! Let’s demonstrate that we can be good friends with our peers. Let’s wear our favorite sneakers!

Picture Friday

FRIDAY October 9: I am a respectful citizen! Let’s share a picture/drawing of how you showed respect this week!