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Governor's Educator & Educational Services Professional of the Year

Congratulations to our Governor's Educators of the Year, Miss Poandl and Miss Rivas!


Teacher of the Year, Miss Poandl


From a young age, I have wanted to be an educator.  Teaching now for over twenty years, I have been presented with so many life-changing experiences as working with children provides.  I have stumbled and made mistakes, but hopefully, through those challenges, I have been able to show the students that those mistakes don't make you, but the ability to admit the mistakes and learn from them can provide you with invaluable learning opportunities.  

I thank those that submitted my name for this honor and those that selected me as a representative for our school.   Working with each other, we can continue to work towards preparing the next generation of doctors, cosmetologists, comedians, teachers, and a multitude of other careers. 

I look forward to learning, creating, and growing with my students and the community.  Using technology, we can continue to acquire new skills and face challenges that before seemed insurmountable.  I can't wait to see what the next generation of learners will accomplish!

Miss Poandl


Educational Service Professional of the Year, Miss Rivas


Hello Tiger Cubs and the Rose Lopez Family!

I am very honored to be your Governor's Educator Service Professional of the Year. I
have had the privilege of teaching in Perth Amboy for nearly twenty-two years. It is a
blessing to belong to the Rose Lopez Family and to have wonderful students who fill my
life with joy, as well as work with tremendous educators who encourage me to set new
goals every day. Everyone has helped me grow as a person and in my career as a
Every day I think about how great it is to be a teacher. I have no words to express my
appreciation for this beautiful recognition that means the world to me. I only hope my
students feel seen in my classroom every day. I see my students and who they are, and
my only goal is to help them on their path. Teaching has always been, and will continue
to be, my dream pursuit.


Miss Rivas