liz belinda
     Miss Liz and Mrs Arzola
    Dual Langauge
    Room 14
    Welcome! My name is Miss Liz and I will be working with Mrs. Arzola, who is the paraprofessional in our room.  Mrs. Arzola and I will work together to ensure the best learning experience for your child. First, let me tell you about myself.I have a degree in Early Childhood Education from Kean University. I've been working as a preschool teacher in Perth Amboy since September 2006.   My assistant, Mrs. Arzola has been working in the Perth Amboy Preschool program since October 2001. Our class is directed toward self-help, improving both gross and fine motor skills and language development.The children will learn through play with songs, stories, art, and hands on projects. We look forward to all of the wonderful experiences that lie ahead. Our main wish for you as a family is to feel welcome and comfortable with us. We are here to help make the first day of school a happy transition and we look forward to an exciting and fun year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come to us at any time.