• History of Grounds and Building

    Adult School
    The land our school is built upon, and much of Perth Amboy, was once home to the Leni Lenape Indians of the Algonquin tribe. In 1651 the Leni Lenape deeded land to the settlers and the city of Perth Amboy began to be built.

    In 1758 barracks were constructed in this area to house British soldiers during the French and Indian War. Originally it was requested that the colonists house the soldiers, but many objected, so the barracks were built. The old barracks were destroyed.

    Our school building was originally built as a school. In 1972 the building became the site for Middlesex County College's community outreach program. Middlesex County College offered English, Psychology, and Business courses at the site.

    In 1974 Middlesex County College piloted an ESL program in this building. In 1985 a work skills training program was initiated.

    Currently the building houses the Personalized Learning Program (PLP), the Perth Amboy Adult High School, Basic Skills,HSE,ESL/Civics programs, and administrative offices.