Degrees and Certifications:

Food Study

If you go to a Grocery Store please take a picture and send it to us. 

Week 1- Make a Grocery List. 

Week 2- Make a yummy healthy treat using fruits and yogurt to share with your family (Ms. Elyzza will make homemade playdoh and send the recipe for the children to make at home with their families)

Week 3- Pizza and Italian Food - count with us using Pepperoni jamboard and creating shapes with spaghetti (Ms. Ada will make a pizza with the class. Send a picture of your family making pizza or any food item at home. Ms. Rose shared different pictures of food items that she made at home with ingredients from the supermarket)

Week 4- Foods around the world- learn about different foods from around the world, menus, different kinds of breads and meals

Week 5- Bakery- learn the job of a baker and all the items they make at a bakery (we will bake cupcakes remotely and invite families to bake something at home and send a picture)