• One thing that will make the day easier for you and your child is to create a daily routine.  Using a visual schedule can help you establish this daily routine.    Challenging behaviors often start when a child doesn’t know what to expect or what is happening next.    A visual schedule can help.   Schedules are predictable.  Your child can clearly see what is going to happen.    This will help decrease frustration and help limit some challenging behaviors. 

    You can use any pictures to create a schedule.   Cut out pictures from a magazine.   Find pictures online and print them out.  You can even take photos of your child doing the task and use those!   Post the pictures on anything.   You put them on the wall, the refrigerator, anywhere!  You can even tape a solid colored piece of paper on an empty cereal box and put your pictures on that!

    Here are some examples of visual schedules. 


    a     Visual Schedule    

    The following website has a free printable that you can use to make a visual schedule

    Visual Schedule Printable

    If you need help creating a visual schedule for your child, please contact me and I can help you make one