• Hello!
    My name is Angela Bickford, your children call me Ms. Angela.  Ms. Baez is the paraprofessional in our classroom.  We are part of dual language as an English speaking classroom.  When your children are with us we call it the "English World".  I have been teaching preschool for 21 years and have been in the dual language for 10 years.   I love the program and feel so lucky to be a part of it.    Together with Ms. Darilus and Ms. Claudia, our dual language partners, "the Spanish World", we all strive to make our classrooms warm, loving and a safe place for your children to grow and learn. Our classroom becomes our school "family" and you are all a part of that.
    This year is going to be incredible and I look forward to all the fun and awesome days we are going to have together! 
    We believe in the importance of parent communication because working closely as a team with you, your child's education will benefit tremendously.  Preschoolers are all special and have so much to offer to our class and their peers.  We work with their individual needs to make sure they are all learning and  growing to their potential.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your child and our classroom.