• Hello my name is Michelle McEnerney, I graduated from New Jersey City University in 2003, with a degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education.  The journey of my own education continues with a course of study through Grand Canyon University to obtain a Master's Degree in the field of Special Education.  I graduated in September 2016.  I am currently a student at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  I believe as a teacher, I am also always a student. 
    My favorite center in the classroom in the library center.  I love reading stories with the children and interacting with them as we retell the stories with puppets, props and reenactments.  One of my favorite stories is The Big Hungry Bear, The Little Mouse and the Big Red Ripe Strawberry by Don and Audrey Wood.  We also use this story to learn about emotions making the same faces as the mouse in handheld mirrors.  
    I have been teaching in Perth Amboy since 2004 as a general education teacher.  This is my third school year as a special education teacher and I am looking forward to new and exciting challenges!