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    South Campus
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    Welcome to my web page. I am Mr. Kaier. I have been a teacher at Perth Amboy High School for 12 years. I earned my undergraduate degree at Washington College. I also have graduate degrees from New Jersey City University and Georgian Court University. I teach Physics at the Perth Amboy High School's Freshman Program.
    This site will provide parents and students with an active calender of topics to be covered in physics. The topics covered in physics are: Kinematics, Dynamics, Momenum, Work and Energy. Students are assigned homework and are couraged to do additional homework than assigned. The assigned work is a minimum to reinforce the material covered during classtime. Students are responsible for studying all material outside of class time. Students are encouraged to study notes and vocabulary a minimum of 30 minutes nightly. Students will have the opportunity to retake quizzes and perform test corrections; however students are required to demonstrate how they prepared for the retake. This can be in the form of additional homework or tutoring. Grading will be based on accumulated points from assessments such as: Tests, Quizzes, Quests and Labs.
  • Mr. Kaier's Schedule
    Before first period I am usually in room 20 South Campus
    Homeroom                           4TH Floor Hall
    Period 1     8:11 - 8:53   Rm 20 Lab (F)
    Period 2     8:57 - 9:39   Physics Rm 20
    Period 3     9:43 - 10:25 Physics Rm 20
    Period 4     10:29-11:11  Lunch (MWRF) Physics Lab (T) Rm 20
    Period 5     11:15-11:57  Rm 20
    Period 6     12:01-12:43 Physics Rm 20
    Period 7     12:47-1:29   Lunch (T); Physics Lab (W) Rm 20
    Period 8      1:33- 2:15   Rm 20 (W) 
    Period 9       2:19-3:01   Prep Rm 20  
    After 3:00 I am usually in room 20 until 3:30
  • Early the First week in December we will have a test for Kinematics
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