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    274 Seal of Bilingual Recipients for 2020!

    Seal of Biliteracy


    Seal of Biliteracy for Academic Year 2020-21

    Dear parents, please click HERE for an important message from Mr. Suarez, Director of Bilingual/ESL and World Languages about the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy from the New Jersey Department of Education. Once you have read the letter, please have your child click this GOOGLE form to register for the test. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Sello de Bi-alfabetismo para el curso escolar 2020-21

    Estimados padres, por favor haga clic AQUI para un mensaje importante del Sr. Suárez, Director de Bilingüe/ESL e Idiomas Mundiales sobre el prestigioso Sello de Bi-alfabetismo del Departamento de Educación de Nueva Jersey. Una vez que haya leído la carta, pida a su hijo que haga clic en este formulario de GOOGLE para registrarse para tomar el examen. Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

    The Bilingual/ESL & World Languages Dept. is collaborating with our Equity & Diversity Committee as indicated in the Letter from Dr. Roman dated October 22, 2020. We are very excited and committed to this important work. More information for the staff, students and the community will be forthcoming.

     Have a happy and healthy vacation and may 2021 bring you peace, health, and prosperity!


    El Departamento de Educación Bilingüe/ESL & Idiomas del Mundo está colaborando con nuestro Comité de Equidad y Diversidad, como indica la Carta del Dr. Román fechada el 22 de octubre de 2020. Estamos muy emocionados y comprometidos con este importante trabajo. Más información para el personal, los estudiantes y la comunidad será brindada próximamente.

    ¡Les deseamos unas felices y sanas vacaciones y que el 2021 les traiga paz, salud y prosperidad!

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    To promote student achievement by fostering academic excellence and nurturing their humanity.


    To be the leader in the state of New Jersey in bilingual and world languages education.

    Mr. Rogelio Suarez
    Director of Bilingual/ESL and World Languages
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-260
    Mrs. Janet Warbeck - Supervisor P-4
    Email:  jwarbeck@paps.net 
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-265
    Dr. Bonnie Molina - Supervisor 5-12
    Email:  bmolina@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-266
    Jahayra Nunez - Secretary
    Email:  jahanunez@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-261
    Ms. Mabel Lamourt - Secretary
    Email:  mabelamourt@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-262
    Mrs. Amarilis Peralta-Raju Parent Liaison 
    Email:  AMARPERALTARAJU@paps.net 
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-263

    A Model Program recognized by the State of New Jersey (2004-2006 & 2008-2010)
    Goals of the Bilingual/ESL Program:
    • To provide native language instruction in all content area subjects while students are acquiring English.
    • To teach ESL so that students will be able to communicate in English and achieve academically in English.
    • To provide instruction by bilingual teachers with special training and certification in meeting the linguistic, cultural, emotional and academic needs of second language learners.
    • To promote acculturation into American society while respecting and appreciating the language and culture of the students and their families. 
    • To ensure systematic assessment of student progress in English acquisition and academic learning, through a variety of measures.
    • To encourage and support the involvement of parents in classroom, school, and district programs.
    • To facilitate the transition of students from the Bilingual Program into the General Program when they are ready as determined by multiple measures.