Classroom Rules & Expectations:

    1. Respect the teacher, classroom, other students and yourself.
    2. Be responsible for your own learning.
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    4. Use appropriate language at all times


    Formal and Informal Assignments - 60%

    Classwork Assignments - 35%

    Homework - 5%

    • Grades will be available on Infinite Campus.


    • Please check your Infinite Campus regularly and feel free to ask me any question that you might have about a particular grade. If you need to talk to me about your grade, please do so after class, after school or via e-mail.


    • During class is not the appropriate time to discuss your grade.


    Absentee Policy:

    • It is your responsibility to check google classroom and our class website the day you return to class to find out what you missed. See me with any question you may have after class.


    • You have TWO DAYS for each day you were absent to make up missed work. and receive full credit. After those two days, any missing assignment will receive partial credit. Exceptions may be made for students who miss excessive amount of days consecutively.

    Google Classroom:

    • Throughout the semester I will be posting assignments on google classroom. It is your duty to complete these assignments in a timely manner.


    • I will inform you of when an assignment has been posted but you should take it upon yourself to check google classroom whenever possible.


    • Students have been invited to my Google Classroom, please make sure to accept invitation in order to view classwork being posted.  

    Teacher Google Site: 

     Along with using Google Classroom I will be utilizing Google Sites as my main platform to post daily information regarding lesson taught throughout the day. In order to access my Google Site please check your google classroom. The Link can be found underneath the stream tab. 


    You will only be able to access this Google Site through your paps account.