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                                                  Hello, my name is Mrs. Chita and welcome to room #123!
    I have been working in the Perth Amboy School District as a preschool teacher since September 1, 2000.  I came to the district with five years of preschool teaching experience.  I began as a three-year-old preschool teacher at the Thomas M. Peterson School and then moved to the Ignacio Cruz Early Childhood Center when it opened in 2004.   
    I, along with Ms. Taveras and Ms. Rosa, are looking forward to getting to know your child and working with them in the following developmental areas: social-emotional, physical, cognitive, language, literacy, and also mathematics. Your child will be learning many things in our center-based classroom, as well as, doing various activities, experiments, and arts/crafts projects – all while exploring various study topics throughout the school year.
    Your child will learn and grow so much from September to June.
    Together, with your help, we hope to make your child's first preschool year a great one!
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