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    Welcome to Room #218 an English Dual Language classroom. My name is Michelle Erszkowicz and I currently teach 1st grade at the Rose M. Lopez School. I have worked in the Perth Amboy district for over 16 years and I had the honor of being the Teacher of the Year in 2009-2010.  I have a Master's degree in Reading Education and am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. 
    My Spanish world dual language partner is Yanilda Holguin. 
    In our classroom we work hard but also have fun.  I also encourage students to try their best. In the beginning of the year the students and I came up with a set of rules together. Our rules are as follows: We are kind, feet, hands and objects to yourself, 0 voices or quiet voices, eyes are watching the teacher and ears are listening to the teacher. Students are expected to be respectful of their peers and teachers and are encouraged to talk to each other when they are having a problem. The students understand that they come to school to learn and to have fun in a safe environment.  
    We conduct groups in our classroom to enhance students' learning but also to make it fun! Students use games, word sorting puzzles, and writing journals.  They read with partners and are encouraged to use their Chrome books not only in school but at home as well. We utilize the I-Ready, Dreambox, and Raz Kids programs. 
    Our schedule consists of the following: Math, Whole Group instruction where we practice our sight words and read stories, Guided Reading groups, Intervention time (where students can get individualized or group assistance in specific areas), Writing and Science/Social Studies.  In the near future we will be sending home take home bags for you to use with your child. I am limited in the amount of books I currently have but am waiting for an order which will hopefully come soon. 
    Please read with your child daily as this is the best way for your child to improve their sight word skills and is a great way for you to have discussions and conversations with your child. Our class will be participating in the Scholastic Reading Program in which  you can order books for your child if you would like to.  
    I hope you enjoy our website and if you have any questions please feel free to call, write a note in your child's folder or email me at Micherszkowicz@paps.net. Using the folders to send messages are the best way to get in contact with us since I check them daily. I look forward to continuing the school year with your children. 
    Mrs. Michelle Erszkowicz