Mr John Gordon, M.ED

Phone: 732-723-7758


Degrees and Certifications:

BA History, Political Science, Education MA Teacher of Students with Disabilities MEd Master of Education, Curriculum Studies


Hello! My name is Mr. John Gordon, this is my fourth year at Shull School. For the past three years, I was a member of the 6th Grade Science & Social Studies team and I was the House Behavioral Interventionalist. This year I am a proud member of the 7th Grade Team.

I have been a dedicated teacher for 10 years in Elementary, Middle, and High School.  I have worked in different districts but always wanted a position in Perth Perth Amboy.  This is my fourth year as an In Class Support Teacher in Perth Amboy and I feel like I have found a home.  I work with three groups in Science and Social Studies and  collaborate with four teachers.

I want to take a moment to welcome you to this very unconventional year. As we re-enter the building full time, I am sure we will encounter some difficulties; however, we are all here to make this transition back as smoothly as possible.  If for any reason, we have to revert to Virtual Learning, I am confident that we will continue to provide the education you have come to expect.

I knew I had a passion for teaching from a very young age.  The opportunity to help students is inspiring.  I began my educational career at Monmouth University and graduated in 4 years, passing the Praxis Test for High School History, Middle School History, and Elementary K-6 on my first attempt.  Upon graduating, I immediately entered the Master of Education with a concentration in Curriculum Studies.  As I was pursuing my first Masters Degree, I began a School and Camp Theatre program in Long Branch.  Still having questions about the best way to deliver individual instruction, I enrolled in a Teacher of Students with Disabilities program.  

It is an abosloute pleasure to have your children in my class.  If you ever need to reach me, for any reason, my email is the best way. Please feel free to email me anytime at


Google Classroom Codes

1 Science nqsa4dw

2 Social Studies bubkowa

5 Social Studies qhsv4ny
6 Science 2oxvgqm

7 Social Studies 5kezxuu
8 Science 2yx377u
I have also taken the liberty to create a Google Classroom for all of our parents. Information may come slightly behind here because it has to be approved by our building administration, which is unfortunate; however, it will give me more time to plan for appropriate instruction. As our situation is changing rapidly. 


Very Warmly Yours,

John Gordon, M.Ed, ToSD

7th Grade Science Teacher