• The Fine, Visual, and Performing Arts curriculum is designed to inspire greater levels of academic achievement by linking student interest and talent in the arts to all aspects of their education experience. By tapping into their strengths as artists, teachers lead students to improve their overall skills in reading, writing, science and math. 

    Mission: The arts enable personal, intellectual, social, economic, and human growth by fostering creativity and providing opportunities for expression beyond the limits of language.

    In art we will will:

    • Learn to use different mediums to create art of their own, including pencil, pastel, marker, crayon, watercolor, collage and model clay. 
    • Create personal artwork as they continue to practice creative skills and techniques.
    • Understand, discuss and be inspired by current and past artists, their artwork and their impact on the world around them.
    • Discuss their artwork with peers and listen to the ideas of others.

    Students at Rose Lopez School will participate in a variety of art projects, conversations and activities. Our goal is to empower students and foster a lifetime love of learning, creating and expressing through the arts! Thank you for your support!