• Mrs. Magdalene K. Nordt
    3rd Grade General Teacher
    Welcome to Room 233, home of the Chinese Dragon!
    Chinese Dragon  
    This is the year of the sheep!  The Chinese New Year is 15 days long. It will begin on February 19, 2015 and end on March 6, 2015.

    *  ATTENDANCE - Students are expected to follow the district calendar and to be present when school is in session.  When a student must be absent (illness, death in family, religious reason),documentation must be provided upon the student's return to class.    
    Why is attendance important?  Throughout the school day, an abundance of instruction takes place.  It is very difficult to duplicate the initial direct instruction of new concepts for an absent student.  So much of learning takes place student to student.  If a student is absent, these experiences that are missed cannot be recreated.  School is also training for life!  Students must learn the importance of being on time and present for school, in the same way that they must be for their jobs in the future.  Let's practice good habits!

    *  HOMEWORK-  Students will receive homework in Mathematics and Language Arts each day.  In many cases students will receive homework in Social Studies and Science as well. Occasionally homework may be given over a weekend. Students will record this information in their homework planners daily.  It is extremely IMPORTANT that each student arrives to school prepared, with homework completed. 
    Why is homework important? - Homework is the brain's way of reviewing the instructional content of the day.  Repetition helps the brain to remember information.  This makes homework very meaningful and for this reason, it should be treated with respect and importance.   

    Mrs. Nordt's Tips for Parents!
    ~ Bedside 5  -   Just before bedtime, ask your child to share with you 5 new things they learned that day in school.  Help your child remember these things.  Brain research reveals that the last information loaded into the brain before we sleep is stored by the brain.  Wow!!  
    ~ Reading  -   Encourage your child to read before sleeping.   All students should read for at least 20 minutes a night.  Bedtime is a perfect time to do this!  Turn off the T.V. and turn on some great reading!  Read with your child, taking turns to read aloud together.  This is great fun and creates a joy of reading!
     ~Praise -  Take time each day to praise your child.  Your "positive" thoughts really matter to your child.
    ~Discipline - Do not hesitate to discipline your child when necessary.  Your child looks to you for guidance and wants boundaries and rules.