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     Hello Everyone,

    My name is Luisa Varona, I work for the Dual Language School as a 5th grade teacher. I teach Language Arts and Social Studies in English and Spanish. I have been in the in the educational field for over 20 years now. I taught preschool for 13 years, 4th grade for 4 years and the rest has been my favorite ones teaching 5th grade. I hold 5 certifications: 1)Bilingual /Bicultural Education, 2)Elementary School Teacher, 3)World Language/Spanish Teacher, 4)Masters degree on Arts on Teaching English as Second Language and 5)School Supervisor Certification. 

    I strongly feel that I can use my bilingual assets to reach out to every one of my students. For my students, I think the best way for them to learn is to make my lessons enjoyable and to create an environment in which they can feel safe and enjoy while learning. Therefore, I try to inject humor into lectures and discussions, and also make projects fun and enjoyable.

    One thing that I have learned throughout my teaching experiences is that there is nothing more rewarding in a life of a teacher than knowing I made a difference in my students’ lives. I now know that I may not and will not get to make a difference in every student’s life, but if I get through to one it will make my career a success. Finally, I truly believe the most fulfilling facets of teaching is the joy I feel when I see my students succeeding in their education. 

     Luisa Varona-Galarza



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