• Mrs. Virginia

    Intervention Teacher

    Dual  Language English and Spanish


    I welcome you and your child to a new class year. He/She will be very busy this year learning many new things.  Your child will continue to learn responsibility, working daily on following directions and rules, as well as, completing classwork and homework assignments.  We will be reviewing letter sounds, spelling patterns, words, as well as, practice writing stories with capitals and punctuation.  This year is a very important year for your child. 

    My heart is with these children. I need your help to get your child ready for a bright future.  I can’t do it alone.  Parental involvement, starting from Kindergarten through the High School years, in your child’s education is the key!  Don’t stop being a part of your child’s education.  Be an active parent.  Get your child a library card.  Buy them a Scholastic book for $1.  Join the Parent teacher organization.  Attend school functions and city events.  It WILL make a huge difference in your child's life.

    Bienvenidos a un ano nuevo de escuela.  Su hijo/hija estara muy ocupado. Su nino/nina aprendera responsabilidad.  Mi corazon estas con estos ninos.  Necesitamos su ayuda para preparer a su hijo(a) para un future brillante.  No los podemos hacer solas.  Debes de ser un padre activo en los estudios de su hijo(a).  Debes de ser un padre activo.  Comprale un libro.   Comparte con su hijo or hija.