• Welcome to Room 60, this is your land :)
    Bilingual/Dual Language
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    Welcome to Kindergarten English World!
    I am thrilled that you will be part of my classroom this year. We are going to be learning so many new and exciting things. Kindergarten is such an amazing year for children as they embark on new adventures both in and outside of the classroom. Your children have the advantage to develop oral, reading, writing, and math proficiency in two languages, how awesome is that? As the year progresses, I will be using this website to post updates on the exciting things going on in our classroom. Also make sure to always tune into our Classroom Story Page on ClassDojo as well.  I am a strong provider of high expectations for my students so that they are able to increase their self-confidence and improve their academic performance. I believe each and every one of my students can be all they aspire to be, and it is my job to allow them to realize that. 
    Contact Me:
    You may email me anytime at stepocampo@paps.net. I am a strong advocate of parent/teacher communication in order to achieve student success. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns Thank you :)