• Sight Words/High Frequency Words
    1st Grade
    Suggested activities to practice at home using these words:
    1. Relay Race! Write the words on index cards and relay race how many your child could name/spell in 30 sec/60sec/90/sec/etc.
    2. Post-It Bingo! Write the words on post-its and play a bingo game with them.
    3. Highlighting Scavenger Hunt! Read an article/newspaper with your child, have your child highlight these words as they see them.
    4. Practice Writing! Choose a set of words each night and have your child practice writing them on paper and/or dry erase boards. (Dollar tree sells a set of 4 boards for $1, I bought some for our class there :) )
    5. Sight Word Play-Doh! If you have Play-Doh at home, create the words using Play-Doh! :)
    All in all, just some suggested activities to do at home with your child.  Great way to have fun and continue learning at home. :)