• Greetings! Welcome to my page. My name is Bryan Smith. I am and Health and Physical Education teacher at the Dual Language School. I have been teaching at DLS since it opened in 2016 but I have been in education for seven years working in a wide range of students and environments.

    I am also the head boys and girls volleyball coach at Perth Amboy High School. I have been the head coach for two years and was the assistant coach prior to that for three years. I also have experience coaching soccer and baseball. These experiences have furthered my knowledge in different sports and gives me the ability to teach sports skills to my students successfully.

    I started college at Kean University knowing I wanted to become a teacher but not knowing WHAT I wanted to teach. After talking to a close friend of mine about teaching Health and Physical Education, I decided to run with that and it was the best decision I made. I absolutely LOVE what I do and enjoy sharing my knowledge with my students and watching them enjoy learning new ways to stay fit and healthy.

    During my Health classes, students will learn life skills to assist in keeping their mind, body and relationships healthy. Daily objectives are clear at the beginning of each class and revisited at the end to be sure we have reached our objective of the day. A few items I like to include in daily lessons are: vocabulary journals, turn and talk, Brainpop, Newsela, Kidshealth.org, Kahoot, and Google Slides. At the end of each class there is an assessment (either in class or taken home for homework) to assess each child’s learning for the day.

    In Physical Education, students are expected to come dressed with sneakers in order to participate each day. Not doing so will result in losing full credit for that day (5 points). Each class is started with a warm-up activity. This could be a game of some kind or stretches led by myself or students. After the students have completed their warm-up, they will spend time learning and practicing a new skill or movement (EX: how to throw a football). The last part of class students will play a lead-up game putting that practice into use.

    Students are assessed at the end of each unit by completing a written assessment as well as a physical assessment of certain skills taught during that unit. 80% of your child’s grade relies on participation. As long as they TRY and continue to work hard they will do well. I have a separate page for more information on the district's grading policy for more information.    


    If you have any further questions for me you can email me at Bryasmith@paps.net. I check my email frequently so I should get back to you within 24 hours.