• Hello and welcome to my teacher page where they say its all about me.  However, since 2003 I've been working on making it about your children, my students!


    My inspiration for becomig a Physical Education teacher is my desire at a young age to be healthy and fit as I can.  That motivatation inspired me and in 2003 I graduated from kean University and was hired in the Perth Amboy District.  Ive enjoyed being here and working with many diverse students.  I truly get "pumped" from working towards inspiring my students to become the best verion of themselves both inside and out.


    Besides inspiring my students, I work everyday to inspire my twin daughter (They are nothing alike lol).  I met my wife here in the district as well and am glad now more than ever to have said YES to being here in Perth Amboy.


    I do hope that as you read this page you get a sense of passion I have for my job and helping your children as well!  Thank you for intrusting in me with thta opportunity!


    Tom Babyak

    Patten Elementary Physical Education and Health




    good times teaching