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    The Edward J. Patten School is an award winning K-4 Elementary School. Since opening its doors in January 1995, we have continued to “reach, strive and grow”. In 2007 our school received the Title I Distinguished School Award. This program recognizes schools that serve students who are economically disadvantaged and exhibit high levels of achievement. We were recognized for having our students achieve adequate yearly progress for three consecutive years. We are also the proud recipients of the New Jersey State Department of Education’s Best Practice School Award for 2003-2004. This prestigious award is in recognition of programs and practices in schools across the state that have been identified as successfully contributing to high student achievement and a positive school environment. Ms. Lauren Marrocco, Patten School’s Instructional Leader,  became National Board Certified in 2009, which is a nationally recognized distinction and the highest level of recognition in the teaching profession. She was also selected as the NJ State Teacher of the Year for 2012-2013.

    The Edward J. Patten Elementary School, in collaboration with the school community, will instill the love of learning in all students. Together, we will foster in them the motivation to grow into productive members of a diverse, technology-rich global society.

    The curriculum at the Edward J. Patten School is in alignment with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). In order to achieve Patten School’s building goal of ensuring that all students read on grade level, the school implements several programs and initiatives.  Our language arts program is a balanced literacy program that encompasses guided reading, writing, phonemic awareness and self-selected reading. We are currently implementing a literacy initiative for Grades K-4, which is a three-tiered program that enables direct, guided and differentiated instruction.  Our math program is very comprehensive and includes the use of manipulatives and hands on activities. We just adopted a new math series, My Math, and continue to work with a math consultant to improve our math instruction. Additionally, our curriculum includes science, social studies, intervention programs, English as a Second Language (ESL), STEM Education, health (drug/alcohol and family living), library skills, music, physical education, bilingual education and special education programs.  Technology is infused in all areas of the curriculum.

    Our school addresses the needs that impact students’ academic achievement by using a series of programs designed to assess and implement data based instructional strategies. Our School Leadership Cabinet (SLC) is our advisory committee that includes teachers, staff and parents to address school climate, academic programs, and staff development. Patten’s ScIP Committee focuses on developing and implementing staff development, mentorships, and the implementation of the NJAchieve law.  We offer our students before, during, and aster school tutoring, Gifted and Talented offerings such as  Art, Music, Chorus, Drama, Cheerleading, and Dance. Our students participate in the Red Ribbon Anti-Drug Campaign, Anti-Violence and Bullying Assemblies, Vocabulary Parade, Summer Reading Assembly, We Love to Read Assembly, plus many other activities and programs.

    We have on staff, a support team consisting of a learning disability teacher/consultant, librarian, occupational/physical therapists, reading specialists, counselor, social sorkers, school psychologist, security guards, special education teachers, and a speech therapist. We believe that parent involvement is a key component to a successful school and offer many programs for parents such as our four week Kindergarten Academy, Parents as Partners in Literacy, Family Math, STEM, Child Assault Prevention Program and Grade Level Curriculum Parent Workshops. Our Home School Liaison presents additional workshops for parents such as EPIC, and Family and Child Development Workshops. There are many activities throughout the year for our parents to attend as a family, including our Art Show, Science Fair, Holiday Show, a Winter Wonderland activity, Spring Concert, Harvest Night, Movie Nights, Awards Assembly, and our family trip to Liberty Science Center. Our Saturday Morning Family School (SMFS) Program addresses the educational and social needs of families. The program serves over 300 parents and children thirty Saturdays during the school year. The SMFS provides educational, recreational and enrichment classes for elementary through high school age students and their families.

    Language Arts Literacy, Math, PARCC Preparation Classes, Chorus, Computers, Drama, Music, Saturday Morning Family School, Arts and Crafts, Parent as Partners in Literacy, STEM, EPIC (Every Person Influences Children)

    Starting in October, we begin with our kickoff of our “We Love to Read,” program. The goal of this program is to instill a love of reading into our students. One of the key components is our reading for 30 minutes nightly. There is a monthly reward system in place that recognizes those students that read nightly. We also incorporate monthly school-wide reading activities. We hold two Book Fairs yearly. We also recognize monthly our Vocabulary Scholars, which are students who use tier-two and tier-three words in their writing and speaking. We culminate this activity with the whole school participating in a Vocabulary Parade. A Parent Library is available at the end of the school day for parents and students to either read with their children or to take books for home reading.

    Our school population participates in numerous writing activities. The whole school implements common writing assessments, incorporating strategies such as Writer’s Workshop.

    Students present daily announcements to inform the students about the weather, academic notices and birthdays in both English and Spanish.

    A school-wide Science Fair is held in the spring.  Students participate in a School Garden Project, whose produce is displayed and enjoyed by school staff.

    Staff development activities such as weekly grade level PLC meetings, monthly workshops addressing the NJ Student Learning Standards, Danielson Framework for Teaching, Perth Amboy district curricula and balanced literacy, Performance Matters, MyOn, PARCC, Technology Training, Reading, Writing, Math and Science were held to encourage professional growth. Input from the members of the ScIP committee is used to design workshops for the implementation of the NJAchieve Law.

    Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Harvest Night, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and American Heart Association “Wear Red Day”, as well as many other cultural activities and holidays are celebrated.

    Our school has developed a comprehensive design for addressing parental involvement utilizing
    the National Standards for Parent Involvement as a framework. Families have opportunities to
    participate in standards based programs such as STEM, Family Math and Parents as Partners in Literacy. Many special topic workshops and seminars take place throughout the school year with an emphasis on family and child social-emotional growth and development as well as ways to enhance and support academic achievement. The school also offers a Saturday Morning Family School, which provides academic, recreational, and enrichment courses and activities for students and their family members. There is a great emphasis on child and adult literacy development in this program. Opportunities for parents to participate at the decision-making / advocacy level include representation on the School Leadership Cabinet, Home-School Relations Committee and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Parents are encouraged to attend special yearly events such as Back to School Night, Meet the Administrator & Support Staff Breakfast, American Education Week Activity, Parent-Child Luncheon, Art Fair, Science Fair, Holiday Concert, Spring Concert and PTO sponsored events. Parent Volunteers are acknowledged and awarded at an Awards Luncheon at the end of the school year. We also have a parent library where parents can go to get books to read with their children for our mandated reading program where every student must read for 30 minutes every night.

    As a commitment to the community, we work collaboratively with the Raritan Bay Mental Health
    Clinic, Catholic Charities, Jewish Renaissance Foundation, Puerto Rican Association for Human
    Development, YMCA, the Recreation Department, Police and Fire Department of the city of Perth Amboy, Local Dentist (Sponsored Health Programs) and distribution of food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    The Edward J. Patten School has an enrollment of approximately 950 students. Through the
    commitment and willingness of all school staff to work together, we are able to continue moving towards the goal of our school mission: The Edward J. Patten Elementary School, in collaboration with the school community, will instill the love of learning in all students. Together, we will foster in them the motivation to grow into productive members of a diverse, technology-rich global society.



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