• Music

    Here at E.J. Patten we experience music through singing, moving, playing instruments, reading literature, listening to music and acting.   We explore music concepts such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo,  space and time.  We are privileged to have a full set of Orff Instruments, which are various sized xylophones, metallophones, glockenspeils, drums and other percussion instruments.  The Orff process combines singing, playing, language and improvisation to involve students in a full musical experience. We also have ukuleles the students begin learning in 3rd grade.
    In the early grades,  activities are linked to the seasons and other curricular topics.  We also begin learning music notation as early as Kindergarten and First Grade. 
    In the upper grades, students learn how to play the recorder and have an opportunity to sing in chorus as well as act through the music and drama program.
    Mrs. Stegner is our music teacher.