Health and Physical Education

2020 Comprehensive Health and P.E. Social and Sexual Health 

  • Dear Parents & Guardians:
    You are invited to attend an information session on the K-Grade 12 revised NJ 2020 Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards. This session will take place on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 5:00 PM at Perth Amboy High School Auditorium. In preparation for the meeting, we are asking that you use the link below to enter questions that you may have and would like to be addressed during the information session.  Thanks in advance for your continued support and collaboration.

    Click Here To Submit a Question for the Information Session

    Please click here for the Perth Amboy Public Schools' K-12 letter to the community regarding the 2020 Comprehensive Health and P.E. Standards.  
    Please click here for the Perth Amboy Public Schools' K-12 Social and Sexual Health Curriculum Appendix.
  • Student Opt Out Procedures

    According to N.J.S.A. 18A:35-4.7 “The NJDOE recognizes and respects that some families prefer to have these conversations privately. Any child whose parent or guardian presents to the school a signed statement that any part of instruction in health, family life education, or sex education is in conflict with his or her conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs shall be excused from that portion of the course. Parents and guardians seeking to exercise this option should contact their local school principal directly.” 

    If a parent would like to opt their child out of receiving the lessons, they must complete and sign the Perth Amboy Public Schools “Department of Health and Physical Education Family Life/Sex Education Opt Out Form” located on each school’s website. To locate this form, click “Departments” on the top ribbon bar and then click on “Health and Physical Education” where you can download and complete the form. The form must be returned to the building principal. To download the opt-out request form, please click below as it applies to your child’s child’s grade level;   

    New:  For parents who may need assistance printing the form, please contact the building principal, who will provide a hard copy.