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    3rd Grade
    Ext: 22213
    My name is Carmen J. Taveras.  I am a third grade teacher.  I have been teaching in Perth Amboy for 15 years.  I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor degree in Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Master degree in the foundation of Mathematics, and Grand Canyon University with a Master degree in Administration and Supervision.  I have always wanted to become a teacher and I am eager to come teach my children everyday!  
    Parental Involvement is key to a child's success.  I believe in teachers and parents collaborating to form a unity for a students' success! 
    In teaching others we teach ourselves.
    We have now headed to remote teaching where we don't meet in a traditional classroom setting.  I am providing students with lessons on a daily basis through virtual teaching on google meet.  I am also keeping contact with parents on a daily basis and updating them with important district information through classdojo. 
    I am available to anyone who may need assistance with student work or have any questions for me.
    You can reach me at carmtaveras@paps.net