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    Parents and Teachers Working Together!


    Did you know that there is research that states that students of parents that become involved in their child's education do better in school?  At Anthony V. Ceres School there are several ways you can stay connect.  Your first point of contact is always the classroom teacher.  We also have our supportive Guidance counselors, CST members, and Administrative Team.  The Principal hosts a monthly "Chat & Chew" with a specific focus, and time to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Additionally, we welcome you to participate at Back to School Night, and Parent/Teacher conferences held throughout the year.  Ensure that you are able to access Parent Portal to monitor your child's academic progress, attendance, etc.  Also, always ensure that your contact information is updated in our system.  


    Get involved in your child's education today!

    Contact our Home School Liaison with any questions or for assistance - Ms. Luz Aguilar at 732-376-6020 x22463     Email:  luzaguilar@paps.net