School Narrative

  • Ceres


    The Anthony V. Ceres Elementary School, in partnership with the parents and community of Perth Amboy, is dedicated to create a safe, nurturing environment conducive to learning for all of our students. Through the application of standards-based instruction, students will achieve the National Common Core Standards through opportunities to develop independent learning skills, creative problem solving strategies, and a sense of responsibility while respecting the diversity of others.

    The Anthony V. Ceres Elementary School is a kindergarten-fourth grade school with approximately 700 students located within an urban district. Our school vision, "In our learning community, we inspire, empower, and support everyone, everyday, in every way," can be seen daily as our teachers collaborate in Professional Learning Communities. Teams of teachers work together to plan lessons, review data to identify the needs of our students, and utilize best instructional practices. The school has implemented a daily intervention / enrichment period at each grade level. This intervention/ enrichment program allows all students to receive data-driven assistance they need daily, during the school day.

    Our curriculum is designed to infuse literacy throughout the day. The schedule is set with allotted times throughout the school day for reading workshop, writing workshop, learning centers, do-now's, vocabulary morning message, as well as a literacy content block. In addition, our K-4 classes utilize thematic units that assist our teachers in planning literacy instruction that integrates reading and writing skills in the content areas. These resources serve as a tool for linking instruction to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

    Each classroom has a collection of leveled reading materials that is thematically labeled. Learning stations are strategically placed within the classroom with motivational learning activities for the students. The Anthony V. Ceres School employs two reading specialists that model lessons using varied teaching techniques that promote active learning strategies.

    In the area of mathematics, our curriculum is delivered during an uninterrupted 60-minute block of instruction for grades K-4 with a focus on the individual and diverse needs of our students.

    We currently have a before and after school program available to assist our students. All classroom teachers have the opportunity at this time to take a small group of struggling students and work with them on specific skills in hopes to better meet their set student growth objectives (SGO’s) This program is targeted for grade levels 1-4 and is structured to reach our at risk students and offers an academic focus with smaller class size. We also offer an enrichment program that includes before or after school clubs such as Dance, Gymnastics, and Gardening that focus on enrichment-based opportunities.

    Updated technology has been infused into each classroom. Interactive white boards are being utilized throughout all classrooms. The students also use iPods, iPads, Mac Book Airs and Google Chromebooks to reinforce skills, conduct research, and complete classroom assignments. Every classroom also houses a teacher's station, which consists of a computer and printer designated for his/her own use. Teachers can access various online applications and use a variety of software to enhance their lesson to create hands-on virtual lessons as well as to search for educational videos that correlate with their lesson plans and display them via their interactive white boards. We offer a one-to-one computer initiative in Grades 2, 3 and 4.  Each student has his/her own Google Chromebook for the length of the school day. Additionally, we have a mobile lab and each homeroom gets a visit from the mobile lab twice a month for a lesson delivered by our full-time technology educator. The school uses various educational websites to assist students in mastering skills in language arts literacy and mathematics. Our computer teacher also integrates time to assess our students through an online testing program called STAR. These assessments include math and language arts and are aligned with the Common Core Standards. This computer adaptive assessment provides various levels of questioning based on the student's responses. The results are analyzed to drive instruction and monitor student growth towards their SGO's for our classroom teachers. The school's curriculum also includes science, social studies, health, music, art, library skills, physical education, and English as a Second Language.

    In order to assure that our students feel safe, our faculty has taken a proactive approach to ensure that bullying is not tolerated.  Our school counselor and social worker complete classroom lessons at all grade levels to teach students the procedures to identify, report and prevent Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying. This information is also shared with staff and parents through meetings and workshops. Our students also participate in school assemblies to reinforce Anti-Bullying and Character Education.

    The Anthony V. Ceres School provides co-curricular and after school programs such as Family Literacy Night, Family Fun Night, and various family workshops that are geared towards school and family-related topics

    In addition to our outstanding staff of highly qualified teachers, we have specialists and other support staff. A strong team of specialists including intervention teachers, a child study team (Psychologist, Social Worker and Learning Disability Consultant), a crisis intervention teacher, a technology educator, guidance counselor, physical education/health teachers, a reading specialists, music teachers, nurses, Speech, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, a home-school liaison, paraprofessionals and security guards all contribute to the success of our school.

    To celebrate the successes of the school, the administrative team highlights school, teacher, and student achievements. Winners of Governor/Teacher of the Year Award, student recognition for Academic Achievement, Perfect Attendance, and Most Improved Student are shares annually. Furthermore, we have implemented many outstanding programs: Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant from the Department of Agriculture (students sample fresh fruit or vegetables twice a week delivered to their class) Food Baskets for the Needy, the Giving Tree during the Christmas Holiday season, Assertive Discipline Program, Family Nights, National Book-It Program, School Spirit Activities, School Assemblies, Say No to Drugs March and Poster Contest, District Battle of the Books, and the Great Adventure Read-a-thon.