• Second Grade Teacher
    Marni Sarnowski 
    2nd Grade Teacher
    Anthony V. Ceres School 
    Ext: x22202
    Google Classroom Code: xbqt3g3
    My name is Marni Sarnowski. I am a Second Grade Teacher at the Anthony V. Ceres School. I have been teaching in this school for nineteen years. I have taught fourteen of my twenty years in first grade and six of my twenty years in second grade. Anthony V. Ceres School has been my home for nineteen of my twenty years teaching.  
    My philosophy is "Every Child Can Learn!"  I have had a love and passion for children since I was young. After high school, while in college, I worked as a Pre-School Teacher. In teaching pre-school I found my passion for children and for teaching. I learned to observe, listen and try to understand children. All children are important and have valuable information to contribute. It may not be verbal, but they are all trying to tell us something. Whether it be in words, behaviors or actions, we need to just stop, observe and listen.  
    Parents and teachers unifying are the keys to a child's success! The bonds that we have with them will help them grow and develop into responsible, independent young minds. This can not be possible without the partnership that we develop with you, the parents.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time for any questions or concerns you may have.
    Thank you! 
    Marni Sarnowski