• Our classroom rules in fourth grade in Room 226 are:

    I will behave appropriately at school at all times.

    I will be mindful of others.

    I will be punctual, and I will be organized.

    I will maintain a daily routine.

    I will actively listen, and I will speak clearly.

    I will be aware of my surroundings.


    Perth Amboy District Grading Expectations for Grade 4

    Formal & Informal Assessments: 60% of overall grade

    Classwork:                                   35% of overall grade

    Homework:                                    5% of overall grade


    Marking Period 1: 9/7/23 to 11/16/23

    Marking Period 2: 11/17/23 to 2/1/24

    Marking Period 3: 2/2/24 to 4/15/24

    Marking Period 4: 4/16/24 to 6/26/24