What are we doing in P.E.?
    Second Marking Period Activities hockey
    Activities for the rest of this marking period will be hockey for grades 2 - 5. The students in grades K - 1 will continue to work on locomotor skills, cooperation games and parachute games. 
    runner The students will be running the Pacer test at the end of the month. They are trying to improve their previous score by 1 - 2 laps. 
    As we continue throughout the school year, please make sure that your child wears the proper footwear and socks for PE class. Sneakers that are tied are best. Crocs, flats, boots, and dress shoes are not safe for our class. Have your child wear clothes that they are able to move in comfortably and if your child wears a skirt, please have them wear shorts underneath. As always, please leave all jewelry at home.
    In our Health classes, students will be learning about medicine safety, drugs, tobacco, vaping, alcohol and refusal skills. 
    If you need to reach me, you may call the school or email me at : Jennbabyak@paps.net.
    I teach the following classes. The H stands for Health and PE stands for Physical Education.
    Mrs. Javier (PE)                 Mrs. Cruz- Ciesla (H/PE )            Mr. Graenart (PE)     
    Mrs. Giuffrida (H/PE )         Mrs. Verdecia (H/PE )                 Ms. Bravo (H/PE)
    Mrs. Mallon (H)                  Mrs. Neumann (H/PE)                Ms. Cardona (H/PE)
    Mrs. Spencer (PE/ H)
                                                                   Happy New Year !!
                                                          h    Mrs. Babyak