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     Welcome to my teacher page where it is all about ME!
    I started teaching because my father was a teacher and he came from Chile. He had to redo his teaching degree here in the US. Watching him study and teach at my high school, he showed me that, with perseverance and education, I could achieve anything. I've also been lucky to have had some really great teachers besides my dad.
    I played soccer , basketball and even tried swimming for one season in high school. Since I enjoyed these sports, I figured I would like to do that as a career. 
    I went to college at Montclair State College, which is now known as Montclair State University. I  took courses in education and was a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. I tried out for the MSU Womens Soccer team as a walk-on, made the team and then I played with them for three years! Great experience!!
    I came to James J. Flynn School over 27 years ago ( I know , a LONG time ago - LOL). I have had the privilege of seeing some of my former students come back and do student teaching with me. Love it! Also, some of my former students are parents now and their children are now coming to Flynn. I always enjoy speaking to them during Back-to-school nights, family fitness nights or during conferences. 
    Flynn School is also where I met my husband and he also teaches in the district. We have 2 beautiful twin girls that are now teenagers. My daughters always enjoyed coming to Flynn during Bring Your Child to Work days. 
    Always good memories from Flynn School!