Welcome Back!!
     As we head into the new school year, please make sure that your child wears proper footwear. Sneakers that are tied are best. Have your child wear clothes that they are able to move in comfortably. As always, please leave all jewelry at home
    If you need to reach me , you may call the school or email me at : Jennbabyak@paps.net. I teach the following classes. The H stands for Health and PE stands for Physical Education.
    Mrs. Javier (H and PE)        Mrs. Cruz- Ciesla(H / PE )      Ms. Ali ( H / PE )
    Mrs. Giuffrida ( H / PE )       Mrs. Ledesma (H / PE )
    Mrs. Mallon (H / PE)            Mrs. Neumann (H /PE)         Ms. Cardona (PE / H)
    Here's looking forward to a great year with your child!heart
                                                                             Mrs. Babyak