Welcome Back !!
    I am so excited about this upcoming school year!
    We will be teaching our students not just the physical skills but the mental skills (strategy) to play some of the sports that we teach. We will incorporate good sportsmanship and working as a team. Some of the sports that we will teach this year are soccer, basketball, pickleball, volleyball and wiffleball. We will also be working on locomotor skills and physical fitness. 
    As we head into the beginning of the school year, please make sure that your child wears the proper footwear and socks for PE class. Sneakers that are tied are best. Crocs, flats, boots, and dress shoes are not safe for our class. Have your child wear clothes that they are able to move in comfortably and if your child wears a skirt, please have them wear shorts underneath. As always, please leave all jewelry at home
    Activities for this marking period in Phys Ed will be all types of playground games and safety, soccer, fitness and cooperation games. We will be running the Pacer fitness test at the end of the month. We will also be taking your child's height and weight. 
    If you need to reach me , you may call the school or email me at : Jennbabyak@paps.net.
    I teach the following classes. The H stands for Health and PE stands for Physical Education.
    Mrs. Javier (H/PE)              Mrs. Cruz- Ciesla (H/PE )          Mr. Grenart (PE)     
    Mrs. Giuffrida (H/PE )         Mrs. Verdecia (H/PE )                Ms. Bravo (H/PE)
    Mrs. Mallon (H/PE)             Mrs. Neumann (H/PE)                Ms. Cardona (H/PE)
                                            Let's have a great year together!
                                                          h    Mrs. Babyak