Let's Spring Ahead!!
    As we head into the third marking period, our students will be participating in the KIDS HEART CHALLENGE!! All students in our classes will have time to practice jump roping and then will jumprope for one minute. The students will receive a KHC lanyard and mascot keychain for participating. 
    Going forward, we will be learning volleyball and basketball skills in grades 2 - 4 and continue working on movement skills for grades K - 1. We will incorporate some lead-up games at both levels.
    Please make sure that your child has on proper footwear ( sneakers that tie are best ) and clothes that they are able to move in comfortably. As always, please leave all jewelry at home. 
    If you need to reach me , please email : Jennbabyak@paps.net. I teach the following classes. The H stands for Health and PE stands for Physical Education.
    Mrs. Nota (H)           Mrs. Stevenson (H and PE)        Mrs. Cruz- Ciesla(H)
    Ms. Bishop (PE )       Mrs. Leibfried (H and PE)           Mr. Jerez (PE)
    Mrs. Lazor (PE)         Mrs. Collado (H and PE)             Mr. Cestaro (PE)
    Mrs. Pichette (PE)     Mrs. Neumann (H and PE)         Ms. Cardona (PE and H)
    Mrs. Babyak