Heading Into Winter Break...
     Jen Babyak
    As we head into winter break I would like to wish everyone a Healthy New Year with lots of love. Take time to disconnect from the computer and try to play outside even if it's for a little while. Remember to wash your hands often and be safe!
    If we are told to teach virtually again, we will use Google classroom to see each other and complete our assignments for Physical Education and Health. I will be jumping into your homeroom Google classrooms to teach your classes. Just because it´s online, does not mean that you do not have to participate in Physical Education or Health. We have to see you on camera in order to grade you. Attendance will be taken for each class and there will be a Google assignment each week. 
    I will be teaching the following homerooms. The H stands for Health and PE stands for Physical Education.
    Mrs. Nota (H)           Mrs. Stevenson (H and PE)        Mrs. Cruz- Ciesla(H)
    Ms. Bishop (PE )       Mrs. Leibfried (H and PE)           Mr. Jerez (PE)
    Mrs. Lazor (PE)         Mrs. Collado (H and PE)             Mr. Cestaro (PE)
    Mrs. Pichette (PE)     Mrs. Neumann (H and PE)          Ms. Cardona (PE and H)
    If you need to reach me , please email at Jennbabyak@paps.net
    Looking forward to seeing you in the new year!! 
    Mrs. Babyak