Distance Learning - 4th Marking Period
    Hello All !
    As we start the 4th marking period , we will be using Google classroom to see and complete our assignments for Physical Education and Health. Make sure that you sign into your account and add the class code.  When you open up the "G class" , make sure you go to the second tab labeled classwork to see the assignment. If I have you for both PE and Health , make sure you look under both topics in the classwork section. 
    Class Codes for Google Classroom:
             Fourth Grade :                                                       Third Grade :                                                 Second Grade
             Mrs. Rivera (Nota) - u2p26yn                               Ms. Bosques - ax2swr6                                 Mrs. Collado - kbwka2g
             Ms. Cruz - zha7fo2                                                 Mrs. Leibfried - asyktiv                                  Mr. Cestaro - klpehyr
             Mrs. Stephanou - gqopww6                                   Mr. Jerez - i544fy4
            First Grade                                                            Kindergarten
            Mrs. Neumann - ip2r7wl                                         Ms. Bishop - yqw7f2a
            Ms. Cardon - ip2r7wl                                              Ms. Bravo - yqw7f2a
    Be Well and Stay Safe  and Know That We Care For YOU!!!             
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