• ******Welcome E.J. Patten Family!******

    Mrs. Jessica Woods Ms. Woods

    School Counselor

    Contact me at:    jesswoods@paps.net

    GOOGLE Classroom Code:     iibvumr

    Google Meet Link:      https://meet.google.com/lookup/g4dqidvlyo?authuser=0&hs=179  


    Mrs. Heidy Rosa  Ms. Rosa

    School Counselor, (Spanish Speaking, Hablo Espanol)

    Contact me at:  heidrosa@paps.net

    GOOGLE Classroom Code:     br6tqnv

    Google Meet Link:  https://meet.google.com/lookup/dz4xewkmwn?authuser=0&hs=179


    School counseling services will continue to be provided virtually, such as: 

    • 1:1 check in counseling sessions with students to discuss feelings, problems or worries.
    • Helping students manage stressfull emotions such as anxiety, worry, saddness, frustration. 
    • Virtual Group counseling sessions
    • Social Emotional Learning lessons in all virtual classroooms
    • Parent conferenes/ Parent/teacher conferences
    • 504 Plans 
    • Referrals to outside services

      We are looking foward to an exciting 20-21 school year!

    We understand this school year might be different,

    but we are here to support you and your child to make this a positvie experience.

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your child.

    We are avalible Monday-Friday,  8:25 am-3:10 pm


    School Counselors



    Elementary school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills, who understand and promote success for today’s diverse students.  They implement a school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period. The program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. The program teaches knowledge, attitudes and skills students need to acquire in academic, career and social/emotional development, which serve as the foundation for future success. 

    Elementary school counselors also collaborate with teachers and parents on early identification and intervention of children’s academic and social/emotional needs, which is essential in removing barriers to learning and developing skills and behaviors critical for academic achievement.

    (Source: American School Counselor Association-  https://www.schoolcounselor.org/asca/media/asca/Careers-Roles/WhyElem.pdf)