• Who is Mr. Anthony V. Ceres?

    Photo of Mr. Anthony V. Ceres
    Our school was named in honor  of
    Mr. Anthony Vincent Ceres.
    Mr. Ceres was born in Perth Amboy and attended the Perth Amboy Public Schools. He graduated from Perth Amboy High School in 1924. He received his A.B. from Notre Dame University and his L.L.B. from Rutger's Law School. He also earned a Masters of Education from Rutger's University.
    Mr. Ceres began his teaching career as a seventh grade teacher in Perth Amboy. He later became a Social Studies teacher at the Perth Amboy High School. He went to become the Vice-Principal of the High School until he was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Schools. In 1951, he was named Superintendent of the Perth Amboy School System!
    Mr. Ceres was an active community member and served in many organizations, such as the American Association of School Administrators, Kappa Delta Pi, The Middlesex and Perth Amboy Bar Associations and the Civil Defense Organization. He was cited for his achievements and contributions to these groups.
    Mr. Ceres is survived by his wife, Agnes and his children and grandchildren.
    We are very proud that our school was named after him.