Room 238's Morning & After School Enrichment Programs

  • In Room 238 we try to give students authentic learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom so they can see there is much more to learn in addition to the every day content of Math, Literature, Writing, Science, History, Geography and Economics.  That is why we started an enrichment program beyond the normal school day to extend learning into different areas of study such as the arts, chess, and film.  We cover a broad spectrum of content in these clubs during morning and after school program.  

    Your child’s participation in this program relies on a couple conditions.  Their character/behavior has to be exceptional inside and outside of the classroom (specials & substitutes), and they have to put maximum effort into all assignments; homework and schoolwork.  Below is an overview of each club to familiarize you with what we are doing here in Room 238 before and after the school day.


    After School Enrichment Program (after each week the schedule repeats)(3:00 - 4:00 pm. Mon., Tues., Thurs.)

    Week One (Art Club)

    • Purpose: Working on complicated & long term art projects
    • Example: Latch Hook Rugs & LEGO Architecture
    • Skills: delayed gratification/commitment/perseverance/long term goals/working on something challenging/passion for art/focus/determination/attention


    Week Two (Film Club)

    • Purpose: watch classic movies, discuss meaning, view movies in historical context
    • Example: The Great Debaters, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Finding Neverland, etc. (link to all movies posted below)
    • Skills: appreciation for classic films/analyze films/focus on relevance to historical events/view films through different lens/themes/motifs
    • Room 238 Film List


    Week Three (Chess Club)

    • Purpose: learn how to play chess & chess tactics/strategy
    • Example: chess moves & tactics, tournament play
    • Skills: Focus/attention/critical thinking/strategy/problem solving/patience/discipline
    • Kid Chess


    Morning Program Enrichment Chess Club (7:40 - 8:30 am. Mon. - Fri.)

    • Chess Tactics & Strategy
    • Tournament Play
    • Speed Chess
    • Chess Documentaries