• Room 214's PrinciplesPrinciples of Room 238
    1.  Our Mission:  Be Nice, Work Hard
      • We are an "all the time" class.  We recognize that you can not be a little nice.  We are what we are all the time.  If we know that our education is important and we know it is important to treat people with kindness, then we practice that all the time.  
      • We take our work seriously in Room 238.  We enjoy learning and recognize that in order to learn we have to work.  
      • We take pride in our work and make sure we do everything possible to succeed before handing an assignment in to be checked or graded.
      • We know that no one is perfect but we strive to always get better at what we do. 
    2.  Our Motto:  There Are No Shortcuts
      • We understand that it takes a long time to do things well.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning.  There is no easy path to being successful.  Learning and success takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience.
      • We are not in a rush to get things done.  The students in Room 238 enjoy the process of learning and do not put all the emphasis on the finished result.  
      • To be successful in any endeavor takes work.  Nothing good ever comes easy.  The best things take the most time and the hardest work. 
    3.  The students of Room 238 are honest.
      • Our classroom is built on honesty.  The students in Room 238 are honest all the time.  We are honest during the good times and the bad.  We tell the truth even when it is the most difficult thing to do.
      • Dishonesty changes relationships.  I need to trust my students and they need to trust me.
      • Trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose and the hardest thing in the world to gain back.
      • We own our mistakes and we own our successes in Room 238. 
    4.  The students of Room 238 show initiative
      • Students of Room 238 have a lot of freedom.  We demonstrate action when we need to do things.  We do not need to be told what to do at any point because we already know what it is and we get it done.  
      • Students have the freedom to use the bathroom on their own and get a drink on their own without permission (trust).
      • We take care of our classroom.  We clean it and make sure it looks perfect every day.  We take pride in our room.
      • Every student has a class job they are responsible for without being asked or told to do it. 
      • Students know what is expected of them at all times throughout the day. 
    5.  The students of Room 238 take responsibility for their actions.
      • We own the positive things we accomplish and we acknowledge it when we make a mistake.  We admit when we do something wrong and find a way to make it right.
      • We take responsibility for our grades and when we need help we ask for it.
      • We take responsibility for our own lives inside and outside of school. 
    6.  The students of Room 238 are aware of time and space
      • We recognize that there is an appropriate time and place for everything.  We know how to act at all times and in every place in and out of school.
      • We are considerate of all of the students at E.J. Patten and make sure we respect their time to learn.
      • We know how to manage our time in order to complete assignments to the best of our ability and never wait until the last minute to complete things.
      • We make sure assignments are always handed in on time. 
    7.  The students of Room 238 are never afraid to ask questions
      • We all have a lot to learn in Room 238. When we need clarification or help, we ask for it.  There is no judgement or ridicule that comes with asking a question.
      • We feel comfortable enough to ask a teammate for help if need be.  
      • We are never scared to ask the teacher or each other for information that can help us be successful. 
     8.  The students of Room 238 understand the importance of presentation.
      • We know that everything we do sends a message.  Our work sends a message as well as our appearance.  
      • In Room 238 we make sure we look like we are ready to get down to business. 
      • Our work is always done meticulously with care and pride. 
      • Our handwriting is neat and our work is done with the expectation that many eyes will be on it.
    9.  The students of Room 238 are organized
      • In Room 238 everything has a home.  We maintain a clean and organized classroom environment at all times.
      • Students of Room 238 take care of the classroom.
      • Our desks are organized for easy access to learning materials.  
      • We use our planners for making sure we remember important dates and assignments. 
    10. The students of Room 238 are humble. 
      • We recognize that our hard work comes with many successes but other people will notice how we are doing. We do not need to tell everyone how great we are doing.
      • We make sure that we do the right thing because it is the right thing and it feels good, not for recognition.