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    Remote Learning and Virtual Health and PE

    Health and Physical Education Class will be apart of your child's daily routine.


    Please make sure when your child has PE, or Health you follow the link provided on their Homeroom teachers google classroom page.


    Any annoucements, assignments, lessons taught for Health and PE, will be in the Homeroom teachers google class.

    Under: Classwork

    Topic: Health with Ms. Bennett

    Topic- Gym with Ms. Bennett

    Whats is expected?

    Come to class prepared to listen, learn, and have fun.

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    Be a STAR 


    S- Stay focused

    T- Try your BEST

    A- Act Safely

    R- Respect yourself, others, and all Equipment


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    Positive classroom

    • -teacher will greet all students at the door
    • -teacher will and does hold high expectations for all students
    • -objectives are clean, kids friendly, and posted on the board
    • -instructional time is maximized
    • -all students will participate

    Sportsmanship Quote

    "Treat others the way you want to be treated"

    See the source image

    • playing fair
    • getting alone with everyone
    • trying your best no matter the outcome
    • following the rules of the classroom and the activities being modeled
    • respecting all members of the gymnasium