• Mr. Joseph Lajewski is so excited to be back here at the Anthony  V. Ceres School and provide the wonderful students here with some enthusiastic musical instruction. The students at A.V. Ceres will have the opportunity to try many different more sophisticated instruments. The third graders will placed in the much anticipated "Guitar Partners" Program. The second graders will have the chance to explore aspects of "Musical Theater" and have the opportunity to put on several wonderful productions. Our Kindergarteners and First Graders will, as always be able  to experience music class for the sheer joy of the subject. And finally, the Fourth Graders will be tackling such challenging subjects as "Musical Notation Reading", "Instrumental Technique", and "Vocal Part Singing" to prepare them for the next step in their "Musical Education Adventure!" I'm looking very forward to working with everyone!
    Have A Great Year Everybody!
    Mr. Joseph Lajewski