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    Pre-K Dual Language Multi-Age 3/4
    Contact Hours: 1:30 - 2:15pm
     Welcome to Room 111!

    My name is Ms. Nikki and I will be your child’s English Teacher in the Dual Language Program.  This is my 15th year teaching in the Perth Amboy Preschool Program and my 11th year in Dual Language.  I would also like to introduce Ms. Lynn as our classroom paraprofessional.  She enjoys working with children and is an amazing addition to our classroom!  Ms. Lynn and I work as a team to provide your child with a rich, fun and engaging preschool experience! 


    Our Spanish Dual Language partners are Ms. Esleydy and Ms. Lucy in Room 116.  Your child will be in Room 111, the English world, one-week and Room 116, the Spanish world, the following week.