• Anti-Bullying Information

    Anti-Bullying Specialist & Principal 


    In Pre-K our job has been to help children enter the structure and environment known as school. For many children this experience is the first time a child comes to an educational environment and opportunities are provided for problem solving, developing social skills, and teaching cooperation, sharing, and kindness to others. At Hmieleski, we practice Positive Behavior Guidance where children’s individual differences and cultural experiences are respected and valued and the students learn to work side by side in a caring, nurturing classroom.
     Our staff facilitates the development of self-control in children by using techniques such a modeling and encouraging expected behaviors, redirecting children to more acceptable activities, negotiating and talking through interpersonal problems, and finally, the development of positive social skills at all times. These positive approaches are the beginning points to the anti-bullying approaches used at the elementary school level.