Principal's Corner

  • At the Robert N. Wilentz School our educational goal is to make learning so exciting that students will experience the joy of discovering new ideas and building new skills. The ultimate goal is to help them to develop a love of learning.

    Our School is a place where everyone is someone special. The school is organized and designed to facilitate and enable teachers to teach and students to learn.

    Positive attitudes toward school and long term changes in behavior are the behavioral goals for each student. They are taught to respect themselves and others. Our young scholars are given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility.

    We believe that all students have the right to a quality education, to learn, and to play in a positive, safe, and threat and bully free environment. The faculty is deeply committed to providing and maintaining a strong discipline policy for all students. Respect and responsibility are strong components of our positive behavior support programs. It is our hope that children at the Wilentz Elementary School can articulate school-wide rules, which are consistently and equitably enforced via the Code of Conduct.

    Awards assemblies like our Word Wizard and Student of the Month are throughout the school year. At the June award assemblies positive behavior and academic performance is recognized as our children are given certificates and medallions in all content areas. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in all school events.

    Homework is an integral part of school and helps students develop responsibility and good study habits by successfully completing homework assignments. Homework is a link between school and home. We want all parents to provide support for homework as it is a critical factor towards building positive attitudes and good study habits. Emphasis is on the quality of the experience rather than the quantity of the work.

    At the Wilentz Elementary school classroom and school programs reflect the school's strong emphasis on learning. Students and parents express pride in their school. We firmly believe that the school's climate will enable each student to experience personal success and develop into lifelong learners.


    Administration can be contacted at 732-376-6070 ext 27402.