Health & Physical Education


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    Melissa Renye - ext. 27446, 28446
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    Gymnasium                     Gymnasium 2
    The purpose of our curriculum is to promote, through a variety of planned physical activities, each student the optimum physical, emotional, mental and social development.  We promote activities and sports that all students enjoy and can pursue throughout their lives.
    We would like to remind you about the importance of your child's Physical Education Program.  The percentage of overweight youth has more than tripled in the past 25 years, partially due to the increased interest in sedentary activities such as television, computers and video games.  A reduction in physical activity as well as an increase in caloric intake has contributed to an obesity epidemic.
    Sneakers with laces or velcro must be worn on Physical Education days to ensure the safety of all.  On inclement weather days, please have your child bring their sneakers to change into.  Please teach your child how to tie their sneakers.  It is a safety issue and takes away from valuable activity time when sneakers become untied. 
                                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM
    Grades k -1 st                                                             Grades 2nd - 4th 
    Fitness Activities                                                                    Basketball                               Rhythm & Dance     
    Games                                                                                     Fitness                                      Scooters
    Movement Exploration                                                         Games                                      Softball/kickball
    Parachute                                                                               Football                                    Soccer
    Rhythms and Dance                                                             Hockey                                     Track & Field
    Scooters                                                                                  Volleyball                                 Parachute
    Track & Field                                                                          Recreational games


     HOMEWORK:  Students should be practicing sit-ups, push-ups and a cardio activity daily.  This can be done easily during commercials while your child is watching television.  Please join them and make it a family event!
  • Students are to practice their sit-ups, push-ups and a cardiovascular activity such as jumping jacks daily at home.  We suggest your child practice when commercials come on television so as they get into a routine of practicing every night.
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