ESL Teachers
    Solangie Veloz-Plascencia, Margarita Cruz, Magadlia Manson and Samantha Cemparano.
    ESL teachers focus on the English language. 
    At home, you can help your child learn English, even if you do not speak much English.

    Here are some helpful ideas:

    Go to the website: spanishcognates.org and hear how English words are spoken and translated. Focus on cognates using this website and even listen to the words spoken in each language.

    Download the app: Duolingo (This will increase English language vocabulary.)

    Always read to your child.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be in English. 

    Talk about what you read.  Look at newspapers, magazines and even TV  together,  then talk about it.

    Talk about your day and ask questions about what happened to your child during their day.

    Both everyday language and academic language will help your child to succeed in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English!