• mathematics
    Amal Youssef
    My email: 
    Hello, my name is Mrs. Youssef and I am a math teacher at Perth Amboy East Campus. I will be teaching Algebra 1A/B & Algebra1 CP and Geometry H. classes this year, 2022-2023. This is my 9th year teaching Math at Perth Amboy High School. I previously taught in Kuwait (Asia) for 7 years and before that I also spent 7 years teaching in Egypt. 
    The following are my class schedules:
    Period 1/2 Algebra 1A/B. (8:05-9:39)
    Period 4 Algebra 1CP  (10:29-11:11)
    Period 6 Geometry H    (12:01-12:43)
    Period 8/9 Algebra 1A/B  (1:33-3:01)
    Office Hours: 
    PLC: Period 3 (9:43-10:25)
    Duty: Period 7 (12:47-1:29)