Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! My name is Carrie Sherman and I have been teaching at Perth Amboy High School since October of 2006. I have had the joy of teaching 10th, 11th, 12th, and this is my eighth year instructing 9th-grade students within the 9th Grade Academy. My goal for all students is to help them develop into effective thinkers, writers, and independently productive learners.
             I utilize Google Drive and Google Classroom for many of my assignments. If at any point a packet is lost, or a student needs an extra copy of an assignment, they have full access to everything. I also include links and PDF files for each Unit of Study. This allows my students to access videos, audio files, and films which will help them better understand the concepts and skills which we are utilizing in the classroom. I am able to send parents access to my Google Classroom so that you can see assignments, files, and grades which your child has completed. Another platform I often use for communication is Remind. This is a website that has an app, that allows for direct, nearly instant communication between student and teacher. I create a parent Remind account so that we can keep an open line of communication throughout the year. Each student has access to the Remind code via a Google Classroom post. I will need to email each parent the access codes for the parent accounts.
             I highly recommend accessing Infinite Campus on a regular basis, and having open conversations with students ( your children), so that we can work as a parent-teacher team to help the students here in Perth Amboy find a productive and successful path to a bright future.
    My Daily teaching schedule is:
    8:00- 8:05 am HR Homeroom 
    8:05- 8:47 am Period 1 English I Honors Primary Teacher Rm: 0011 
    8:51- 9:39 am Period 2  English I Honors Primary Teacher Rm: 0011 
    9:43- 10:25 am Period 3  Duty
    10:29- 11:11 am Period 4  Teacher Prep Period
    11:15- 11:57 am Period 5   English I Honors  
    12:01- 12:42 pm Period 6 Staff Lunch 
    12:47- 1:29 pm Period 7 Prof. Learning Community (PLC)  
    1:33- 2:15 pm Period 8 Young Adult Literature I  Rm: 014
    2:19- 3:01 pm Period 9  Young Adult Literature I  Rm: 014
    Office Hours:
    I will be free to answer questions during my prep period.
    * I will try to respond to parent and student needs after 3 pm as I am also working to help my son as he continues to navigate through middle school and my daughter as she begins third grade during these uncertain times.
    As a parent, I know how hard the last few months have been, and struggle to help our children cope with the expectations versus the reality of life today. My children know how much I love and care for my students, and I want to be able to give my Perth Amboy family the respect and care deserved.
    Please feel free to contact me with any and all concerns, 
    Carrie Sherman
    English 1 Honors and Young Adult Literature 1
    South Campus
    Perth Amboy High School 
     Google Voice: I will share my Google Voice number via email with all parents who request it. 
    Department: English
    Ext: 23633 for voice mail